It is fascinating to watch how the meaning of words in psychology are being subtly but continually shifted.

It is like the old joke,

“I went running 5 miles a day, By the end of the week I was thirty five miles from home. “

Definitions are sliding further and further away from base. We are already miles from where we started a few years ago.


You can apparently pacify a psychopath now by just remembering to thank them.

Who knew?

We used to have a saying at school.

‘Whoever Smelled it, Dealt it.”

The more technically correct term is Projection I believe.

Giphy- Our poor old dog always assumed it was him!

What I am trying to say is maybe check out some of the older stuff from accredited sources. I am not accredited it in any way but I am becoming reasonably adept at recognising guff when I see it,

We all need to work hard at trying not to spread bullshit. Some of my stuff may turn out to be bullshit but I have made it plain I hope, I am writing about my personal experiences and I am far from being an authority. If you feel a I also write a load of guff please feel free to move to sites which make more sense to you. I mean half the time I am having trouble making sense to me.

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