There are some nice women here but the toxic ones band together to bully them into submission!

One of the girls who had tried to drown me was the girl I had eventually hit on the.head with my gym bag. At least she hadn’t done as several narcissistic people have done.

i.e. run off in tears and pretend to be the victim.

The bullies hunt in packs here. They make sport out of bringing other women to heel. I have seen lovely girls transform, I assume because of bullying. My friend does not like confrontation so she kowtows to these domineering female bullies. The option often is kowtow or to be alone. I usually choose to be alone. They have overplayed their hand with me.

They have created a problem where there wasn’t one. Other women have tended to turn to me when they are being excluded which in due course triggers the bullies, so they are nice to these women for a while to bring them back under control. Muriel’s wedding shows a cycle in operation. For a while she is allowed to be part of the “in crowd” but then they start to devalue, discredit and ultimate discard her.

Watch “Muriel’s Wedding | ‘You Embarrass Us’ Official Clip – Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths | MIRAMAX” on YouTube

Nicole looks like a psychopath to me.

A psychpath moght destroy a church and have everybody at each other’s throats for their amusement for example.

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