Watch “5 Sadistic Things Narcissists find Entertaining

My ex would smirk at my exhausted struggles. No wonder he wanted me back. I was a great source of entertainment!

He is right. Just cut to the chase and call them assholes. I have a wicked sense of humour so if I have ever laughed at you when you were genuinely hurt, I am sorry. My mother did not even approve of those shows where we laugh at people having accidents. I must admit they did at least used to inform you that the people were actually OK and probably even interview them afterwards. Nowadays we all just laugh.

We have been subtly weaned off the whole idea of empathy.

Watch “Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Grand Final (1996)” on YouTube

Now we can watch anonymous people getting hurt or killed on You Tube and nobody cares.

Beautybeyondbones wrote a great post about Eugenia Cooney who we are watching die before our eyes. Anorexia is not a spectator sport.

I believe I saw a young girl with anorexia here. My daughter had a friend die quite possibly as a result of an eating disorder. Beautybeyondbones is right we should not be glamourising it. She has some great recipes on her blog which I may well end up having to use myself once I recover a little.

I can rub along ok with sincere principled Republicans. Sadly there seem to be an ever diminishing number of them. It is not just me saying this:

Joe Scarborough- The GOP Is Unsaveable

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican senator speaking up for Joe Biden.

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