If I start using Tibetan healing bowls, you will know I have gone seriously hippy woo woo.

⚠ This post contains a lot of swearing.

I notice Gaia worship is on the rise, I don’t like it one bit. I was tempted by it at one stage with my natural leanings towards gardening and having a pagan friend but it is wrong as far as I am concerned. I am sick of Gaia showing up everywhere,   I won’t be linking to anything here as I don’t  want any more ads and videos about new age nonsense showing up here so you can take your Tibetan healing bowls and shove them.

I have been involved in a Christian meditation group.  It is lovely and sessions always begin with prayer but that is as far as I go. They had made me feel welcome.

I thank them for that. I found it very healing for a while.

I was extremely cautious as meditation seems a little new age to me but all I can say is it was the nicest, most supportive group of women I have met since leaving the UĶ.

I was at a church once where the pastor had a strict rule about gossip, I had thought it was a good one,

If you are not part of the problem nor part of the solution, it is none of your business.”

I had never heard any of these women gossip.

Large portions of James are dedicated to controlling our tongues. If I want to I am capable of giving a good tongue lashing too but I try not to but oh boy do some people make it hard.

Newsflash I have tamed my tongue long enough and it is time some of you learned the full power of mine.

I hope my tongue ignites a fire which will weed out toxic, hypocritical assholes once and for all. My biggest mistake,has  been holding back and allowing toxic assholes to control the narrative for too long.

Pause For Musical Interlude

Still fires are no problem if you have lots of concrete to hide behind I am sure!

I agree with Toni Collette’s advice to her younger self.

Toni Colette’s Advice To Her Younger Self

It took me a long time to realise that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser.

The day I think that the younger generation can’t teach me anything then you can call me a dumbass. Currently  my son is teaching me patience and my daughter introduces me new stuff virtually every day!

I am really concerned about people listening to me too much. I mean my relationships have all failed for starters.

I do however know the destructive power of gossip. The gossips will often be the self-righteous ones who point the finger when you swear. I can point fingers too!


I used to hate the ‘f’ word too till I became a mother with toxic in-laws. Now the ‘f’ word is my best friend.

There is a time for everything, I was made to feel like Cinderfuckingrella without the fairy godmother.

Breakfast Scene

I was pregnant too…

I felt like my son was sitting in the womb and smoking fifty a day.

Watch “The latest study on the effect of passive smoking on pregnant women” on YouTube

I was born with a neural tube defect so I made sure I followed directions and took a folic acid supplement.

Watch “Folic Acid Benefits During Pregnancy – Dr Karthik Explains” on YouTube

Unfortunately I did drink over the previous Christmas hefore I had known I was pregnant. I did have a glass of wine at the winery but I gather the advice now is zero alcohol. ⚠ SARCASM AHEAD

I was so drunk all the time, I nearly forgot my servant duties and to deeply inhale all the cigarette smoke.

End of sarcasm

Possibly the greatest danger to me and my child was heat exhaustion. This was not helped by my mother-in law’s attitude to my using the fan, She had already deliberately broken it once, I was so grateful to my father-in-law for patiently fixing it,

I know I went into early labour with my daughter, The temperature was 39,5 degrees Celsius that day, There had been an explosion at the power station and from memory there was also a strike so we were on power rationing. I had sat under the sprinkler all day but I went into labour the following day. I should probably have applied for an exemption, Fortunately I was only a couple of weeks early and had given birth to a healthy 7lb five oz baby girl. I suspect that I was not the only woman who went into pre term labour around that time, The strike at Yallourn Power Station had not helped matters. I was not a big fan of the leader of the Power Workers Union that year. He was constantly on the TV.

Pregnant women need protecting from heat stress in my view, in order to carry babies to term.

A Harvard Study on heat and premature birth below:


Premature Birth an Under-recognised Problem

As Oprah would say,

“As we know better we do better, “

My daughter’s best friend was born right at the threshold of survival. Her lovely mother had shown me a picture of her daughter next to a Bag of sugar from memory,

Watch “Born At 25 Weeks: Mia’s NICU Journey” on YouTube

It had really hit home as my ex husband’s friend had lost a daughter born at around exactly the same time, She always introduced herself as her mother too, she told me she had two children but one had died.

I used to knit bears for premature babies. My mum had also been involved my mum is a much better knitter than me, I see they are still looking for people to knit bears and baby clothes everywhere.

Premature Baby at 25 Weeks Old

I believe her mother had used doll’s clothes for a while,

My daughter’s friend had needed support for a heart issue relatively recently. Her mother and I set them up on Skype after she moved school but it fizzled after a while. Her mother had been lovely all the way through, She had appeared to see right through my ex. I was quite disappointed when my daughter and her friend had stopped seeing each other although I think the subversive bitchiness at the school had made them a little too dependent on eavh other. My daughter was completely sick of hearing about the same girl in class and being ignored even when she had done better, I knew her uncle,

She is following my daughter on Instagram now I believe but they have as yet not reconnected,

Body language here changes when you are on the way out. It became too hard to attempt to keep them together.

Watch “10 Signs Someone is Losing Interest in You” on YouTube

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