My aunt who had known me since I was a little girl, once said,

“You used to be so mature,”

Whilst making it clear she no longer considered me as mature, The biggest, reason for this was my friends. Mr Brexit I now realise had a huge impact although he was not the only one.

He did help me lighten up in new areas. He was right when he’d said I didn’t do what I wanted, I think I remember the whole lying in the road thing ending up with us nearly getting run over. He was in shock but I had suddenly found it hilarious!

Gee I had no idea there was anything romantic going on. If he had spoken up, how different both our lives might have been. Actually I remember now he was waiting for me. In a way we had become too close and maybe I hadn’t wanted to ruin our friendship but we  did anyway..

As Marvin would say:

Pause For Musical Interlude

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