Robert Kennedy-Part Two

Great speeches change the world. It is amazing that here in 2017, we can not only listen to great speeches we can watch them any time we like.

Robert Kennedy’s Speech

U2 sang about the death of Martin Luther King.

Pride in The Name of Love

I was going to write about Robert Kennedy’s speech today but then I discovered one of his grandchildren wrote about his speech last year and so I decided it would probably be better for people to read their words rather than mine.

How My Grandfather RFK Stopped a Riot

The fruit of this speech had been peace among those who had heard it. There were riots elsewhere but who knows how many lives may have been saved by his humble and courageous words.

Think for Yourself – The Beatles This comes from The Beatles album Rubber Soul.

The Beatles- Rubber Soul (Full Album)

We all know by now my expertise with rubber.

Like my daughter I can run rubber rings round most people. 😂

The police would not have been able to quell any riots with Rubber Bullets in those days. They were not invented according to Wikipedia until 1970.

Please don’t ask me why I am so tired. It has been a full-time job fending off my ex’s many attacks. He was determined to leave me friendless, broken and penniless and possibly even in gaol if he could manage it.

Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have A Dream Speech – August 28 1963