Roseanne finds out that Fisher beat up Jackie – Crime and Punishment –

Roseanne finds out that Fisher beat up Jackie – Crime and Punishment

This is the best description of domestic violence and how anybody can be affected even a policewoman.

Roseanne- war and peace – part 2

Roseanne 1993 – After Dan Confronts Jackie’s Domestic Violence Abuser

Roseanne- War and peace – part 3

Roseanne  – war and peace – part 4

I actually used to worry that my son would confront my ex and get himself into serious trouble. I have warned him repeatedly that one punch can kill.

I know my ex is in one piece fortunately. He is not worth anybody else ruining their life over.

I do know somebody has finally made my ex start behaving himself. I don”t want to know how they did it. I am just grateful!

My only total hero till now was the woman at Australia Post. She had made it quite clear she saw through his 💩 when he had redirected the children’s mail. I even noticed a change in the arresting officer once he had spoken to him and I thought “Here we go again!” He had been charged with assault but received counselling. Maybe I should have testified but nobody was going to stop me and the children being killed! He has not been put through an interrogation like me.

I recently had my son tell me that we had split up over “nothing “. The only person I want to know right now is my daughter!

Well you have all confirmed I am indeed nothing!

Being in a violent relationship makes cutting people out of your life really easy.

I just go through and think,

“Did they support me?”

If you can’t count on people when you are having the crap beaten out of you, when can you?

Oddly enough I don’t hate him as much as I do his enablers, I understood he was damaged. The whole putting half a ton concrete in the skip thing was a petty and cowardly act designed topunish for not just sitting back and taking my punishment like a good old Aussie woman.

If they deport me for speaking up I am going to make it worth my while. I don’t even care about family. Let’s be honest I didn’t exactly have a supportive Sibling like Rosanne. At one point it appeared like everybody was OK with my being hit.

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