Ganging Up

I dislike ganging up on people intensely. To me it is a sign of weakness. I remember there being gangs in junior school. We had been expected to pick-a-side between two girls.

Why Narcissists Gang Up On Someone

To me it is a sign of arrested development.

What is arrested development?

My counsellor had once asked me at what age I had felt my ex was stuck. I guessed somewhere between the terrible twos and three-years-old. BTW mentally in many ways I am still a teenager.


I have had to shelve my teenage rebellion for years in order to raise our youngsters but now I intend to relocate my inner teenager. I have no excuse really except I like it that way. I usually side with youngsters about most things and the thought of becoming a boring old fart really scares me. I mean I can stay out late, enjoy my music, wear my Doc Martens and just generally have fun! I told my children how obnoxious I am in my old age will depend on how they behave in their teens etc. So my darling son watch out.! I have seen how much fun people can have with their electric wheelchairs, having almost been mown down twice by pensioners. I am still weighing up maybe getting swords on the wheels like Boadicea… Great way of getting people to social distance…

Actually instead of telling us to go solo in the lift which some people ignored. We should have been instructed to fart instead. If we ever go through a covid type situation again I might respectfully suggest swords on wheelchair wheels and farting in the lift.

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I am just starting to catch up on my missing teenage years right now.

Lady Bird (2017) – Call Me Lady Bird Scene (1/10) | Movieclips Please don’t do this at home. You will wind up dead. I did once try to get out of a moving taxi on the West Bank. Come to think of it that was also when I had made my mum scream- When I had headed off to Israel! I think my son knows obvious rebellion will not upset me, so he is experimenting with the idea of turning into a 1950s male.

Maybe I should have accepted life as a 1950s woman.

How To Be A Housewife

Being a Valium Housewife in the 1970s


Many 1950s women had needed to be drugged up to cope with their lives. I hate drugs but I love this song by Eric Clapton.

Cocaine – Eric Clapton

Women were not the happy little Vegemites that some would have you believe in the 1950s.

It’s OK To Feel Your Feelings

For example it is OK to hate me. It is not OK to go all out to destroy my reputation.

JUDY COLLINS – Turn Turn Turn (1966 ).mp4

I am finally allowing myself time to sulk and to hate and make no mistake I do hate some of you right now. I am not however going out with an AK 47 nor have I enlisted a heap of flying monkeys to assist me in trying to ruin somebody’s life. Instead I am staging a peaceful sit-in in my own home.

We Shall Overcome -Joan Baez

Matthew 5:5

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