Galatians 6 22-23

Night Farage on Australia

Sounds like he has got it in for Australia.

Maybe somebody said “No!”to him here.

Maybe they didn’t fall for his glib superficial charm.

He has always been charming.

There has been no humility on his part. He has just rebounded straight into more personal attacks. I guess I am being personal too. I have experienced more than my fair share of personal attacks , so I feel I have earned the right to respond…

I don’t expect to hear anything for Mt Farage for a while I am sure he is busy helping farmers pick their crops! It sounds like he doesn’t want to visit us anyway. Now we are so woke!

Go pick on somebody your own size!

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He has always seemed to have a problem with a united Europe.

United We Stand Divided We Fall 3-15-2020 | Organic Slant

If only Nigel would boat race Geordie style,

He seems to be too busy visiting Republican conventions (The Nazis did a great job of uniting Europe under one flag.).

Boat Racing Done Properly

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