Going Round In Circles

I feel like my blog has been hijacked.

What Is Narcissistic Baiting?

I wwnt along with it as long as it was triggering me either to tell my story or impart useful information, Now I am just reacting, so expect me to delete and rejug posts, Thank you for your patience!

I am tired of keep retreading the same ground. I am particularly sick of investigating sigma empaths as the videos totally lack consistency,

I know I have said it before but I need to reconstruct,my blog. I just wanted to heal and in the process maybe help  a few others,

As my friend would say,

“Just take from this what is useful and ignore the rest,”


You bore me! Go take your narcissistic injury elsewhere! It takes a lot to bore me, Remember I worked for weeks rolling condoms so that’s quite some achievement…


Here have a medal.

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