Women Who Betray Other Women

I have a real thing about women who let down and betray other women, Perhaps they hate their mothers or something!

I have another theory, It is the old man kicks dog theory, you know; Man kicks dog, Dog bites cat, Cat bites mouse, Mouse bites spiteful woman. Spiteful woman bites another woman, etc etc.

You know the kind of thing Mother-in-law gives daughter-in-law a hard time because she can, This snivelling cowardly behaviour is at the root of much misery in this world.

However it happens, spiteful women need to get a life before God comes and deals with them. Makes me think of Lot’s wife who was turned into a piller of salt. All she did was look back!

Genesis: 19-26

I agree with Pink. I have really noticed how women are pitted against each other here. In my cynicism I consider this to be how women are subjugated here. Divide and conquer! Set them at each other’s throats. I witnessed a physical altercation between two indigenous women while travelling around Australia, I remember indigenous women being notorious for their physical altercations. This is disappointing. They suffer from particularly  high rates of domestic violence and need to support each other.

You constantly need to reassure Australians that they are the best. Things never used to be like that in The UK, Maybe they are now, I have seen the way they have reacted to the whole Meghan Markle debacle. There has been very little self-examination just defensiveness.

I had one indigenous woman set her face against me and bad mouth me continuously.  I saw it as an attempt to curry favour with a white society which barely acknowledges them.

I have generally found Camilla Tominey to be the most fair.

I come back to the personal experience of my part Jamaican friend who was made to feel uncomfortable in high-end dress shops.

I should like to apologise to her now as the whole Meghan Markle situation has revealed something of what it means to be black in the UK.

Her parents are in a very happy biracial relationship. (I was sad to hear that things feel less safe for them these days.)

I feel Meghan has been given no licence whatsoever to make mistakes. I used to like Kate but the sickly sweet coverage of everything she does, feels like she is being set up on a pedestal only to eventually be cut down too.The most sensible coverage appears to be of Edward and Sophie. They are treated as human beings,

Edward appears to be the most like his grandfather King George VI, who my relatives referred to as “a saint”. He is a loving family man, Sophie used to work in PR so I guess she is more clued in than most but she too made mistakes. Edward would have made a lovely King…

The Truth About Queen Elizabeth & Philip’s Youngest Son

Sophie, Countess of Wessex weeps in interview while remembering Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh looked like they were totally relaxed with Edward and Sophie.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme is amazing. The Duke of Edinburgh is also much remembered for his infamous clangers!

The Clangers TV Series

Perhaps kings should be elected. If they were Prince Edward would get my vote.