Playing With Boys

One beautiful little boy in particular adored my daughter. I remember his excitement as he has seen her in the shopping centre. I loved him. He was upset when he thought he had hurt her. We have often spoken of the enthusiasm of his greeting. Greetings are so important.  From “Little high. Little Low” to the simple ‘Hi” I had received on the doorstep of our American home. I have days when this is the greeting I would like to give;

Like Mr, my daughter joined in with the boy’s games even though she had been told, “Girls don’t play football,”

The girls in my class had played football with gusto. Their Friday lunchtime football game with the boys was I think the first truly mixed footbalk game in the school. I felt strongly about my daughter’s right to play football if she so wished.

Some women like guys. I do. My daughter does too. So did my mum and my grandmother. She had not been a very good guard when her brothers were scrimping.

Best quote ever from her brother in the tree.

“All we had seen of her   was her red underwear as she ran away.:

She was referred to as ” My little scarlet runner’ from that point on.

Scarlet Runner Beans

Penny enjoyed the company of nerds even if she did try to make their brains explode occasionally.

I often used to take home cake for my brother from birthday parties, I believe he used to do the same for me.Our two would also often save .each other cake.

♥ Love this ad.

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I miss my guy friends so much…

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