My son once dropped his brand new Nintendo D,S, in the toilet He was distraught.


How To Fix Your I Phone If You Drop Ut In The Toilet

Bonus: I had it on authority that the dessicated silicon sachets are not too dangerous. My son ate one, I had to ring the Poison Information Centre and they told me it was OK but please check for yourself.

Poison Information Centre; 13 11 26


(With our son I had needed it on speed dial.)

My daughter had once got a bead stuck in her nose, My personal favourite was her getting stuck in the rabbit cage.she tells me she had tried to follow the rabbit into its run.

Dumb Things Kids Do My personal favourite was my son’s attempt to break this sock record by trying to wear something like fifteen pairs of socks, I was just in time to stop the circulation totally being cut off in his leg.

I have decided (Sorry Roy Castle) this book is not suitable for children, 😂

Record Breaker

Guinness world records for kids: simple challenges to set a real record

Roy Castle died of lung cancer, He never smoked but played in clubs thick with cigarette smoke.

It is not a good idea to put things in lemonade bottles. My friend’s son once drank petrol that way. I am still resisting the urge to crack sick jokes.

No can’t hold it in. I believe I had made a comment about remembering not to smoke around him,

Watch “AC/DC House Band: Shot Down In Flames” on YouTube

If you are lucky everyone lives to laugh about these moments, Sometimes however these moments can end tragically. I would rather be a paranoid mother than have to attend a chid’s funeral !Losng a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to anybody, Parents spend a lot of time living in their nerves and even when we do it isn’t always enough.

Fortunately he was fine.

Another friend thought she would be clever and just explain to her son that they were too poor to buy lots of toys, whereupon he had looked longingly at something in front of a woman in a shop but had said sadly,

“We is too poor,”

She had bought it for him. My friend had been so rmbarrassed.


Oh and yet another little toddler had been notorious for emergency visits to ACCESS when we were living in America. Once it was for eating fluff off the carpet.

He had used to be stuck in his high chair surrounded by plastic sheeting and left to eat his food in the hallway on bowling days when we had visited people’s houses!

My brother stuck something in an electrical socket, I swallowed a camera battery. Thank goodness for fuses and electrical safety switches.

Electrical Safety Switches

Dumb Ways to Die 4: Official Pre-order Trailer

Is it any wonder that parents get stresses. I can still picture my brother’s innocent little toddler face as he had sat there with a blackened wall behind him.

Still the dumbest and most dangerous thing I have done by far, was get myself trapped in a toxic relationship.

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