My First School Trip Away and Children’s Safety

My First Trip Away and Children’s Safety

As an eleven-year-old I went away for a week to a place called Duntisbourne Abbotts in the Cotswolds. (I later discovered my grandfather’s family originated in Gloucestershire.)

We had a great time. Ìt had taken nun and dad almost a year to pay for it. I remember taking the money to school in clearly-labelled brown envelopes. The main thing I recall were our midnight feasts and sleeping in bunk beds. I have a vague reollection of one of the girl’s getting up in the night and hurting herself when she had walked into her bunk bed (she had banged her nose and started to cry) in the middle of the night.

He’ll Muddah, Hello Faďdah, – Alan Sherman

Her mother had never thought we were good enough for her,She also had a disabled sister. She had left our school but she showed up again in my life more almost two decades later, as she was good friends with my future suster-in-law. We had used to hang out together a fair bit up until she had left the school but she had barely even acknowledged me.

School trips in the UK had quite strict rules after four children had died at Lamd’s End on a school trip,

This was far from being the UKs only tragedy non a school trip.

Remembering The Children Who Froze To Death on a School Trip from November 1971,

I was always trying to make this point here in Australia. The Australian “No Worries” attitude can be frustrating at times. It has seemed to me that children die pretty frequently om school trips here. It appears to just be accepted that children die from camping under gum trees for example. Gum trees can be particularly deadly as they can just drop branches suddenly for no apparent reason,

What Makes Gum Trees Dangerous?

A gum tree branch narrowly missed me and the children and a woman pushing a pram one day, on our way too school. The weather had been perfectly calm.

10 School Trips That Went Horribly Wrong

This Post does not even mention the children who die from medical incidents, while on school trips!

Victorian teen’s death on school trip leads to new rules for schools | 7…

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