My Biggest Lesson From College

College taught me how little we could survive on and still have fun!

I am usually quite frugal but of course toxic people point the finger as soon as I relaxed and jad thought I could enjoy myself for a while,

I used to subscribe to a channel about living frugally,

My friend was a master at living frugally, She gave me all kinds of ideas!


I never took part in a sit-in.

I wish I had now, My priest friend beat me to it!

Kerala students stage ‘sit-on-lap’ protest, backed by Thiruvananthapuram…

Trouble is in the last ten years new laws were brought in about protests! I happened  to be doing legal studies at the time, so we had discussed them,(between  students)


Police Accountability Project

If these laws are still in place, I hope these laws are being used fully to stop nazi rallies!

Racial Villification Act 1996

This is the kind of law which might even be helpful to the British guy my son had witnessed being narcissistically abused. I now recognise this as serious trauma-inducing abuse! My ex had also complained his computer had been trifled with, although I never knew the truth of what he said. I had suggested he set a restore point prior to leaving his computer. I felt if it were true he would have done something about it. I mean he fought a full-on war to be allowed to wear shorts to work in the UK.

Racial Villification & Acts of Racial Hatred

Workplace Bullying ReachOut Australia I had suggested my ex leave the company, especially right at the end of our marriage. I had told him we would manage. He had definitely been a lot less happy since joining the company where we were share-holders. Initially he had only been working there a couple of days a week. He was always much nicer on the days he worked elsewhere. He had become very upset when they had insisted he could only work there.


Mind you he had bought joint shares in a company with somebody else’s wife, which I had only discovered by chance, When she had referred to it as “our little flutter” in a note one Christmas. I had as we Brits say, hit the roof!

Pause For Musical Interlude

He was always sneaking around behind my back, He had made me paranoid! I didn’t trust him one bit. I was and to some extent still am, always waiting for the other shoe to drop.