I watched an interesting video about a particular INFJ weakness, Apparently we have issues with our extroverted thinking, Te.- applying things to the real world. If we are to believe Hitler was an INFJ, he appeared to have no problem applying things in the real world, Maybe some INFJs are better off keeping things in their heads! For me whilst elements of this (issues with extroverted thinking) might be true, I don’t know how much more real you can become than surviving narcissists! I had a real world action plan.

When it came to friendships I know she spoke a lot of truth but you are kinda used to living with crumbs once you have been with a narcissist for any length of time. I am sometimes the one who just switches off, (Especially now I can be menopausal and crabby,) ;so I accept others may do the same.

I have nonetheless been given a few things to mull over!

Once I watched another video which explained Te, I found the video below straight forward and helpful!

Why Do INFJs End Up With Narcissists This woman is an ENTP. I like her blunt honesty, We I NFJs sometimes appreciate people who can snap us back to the real world!

Perhaps two weirdos together isn’t always a good thing!


Is it OK that I find my own type a bit much sometimes? My mum who is quite unlike me, always kept me grounded even if we don’t always get along.

I can accept most people as long as they don’t lie to me or manipulate!

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