I came here fresh out of London. I had no idea what a bunch of  bulls$#t artists Australians could be. I eventually became so used to  bulls$#tI had stoppped noticing

Australians almost seem to admire bulls$#t artists and often right it off as larrikin behaviour!

Even future Prime Ministers can openly  spout bulls$#t! Although some British PMs have also recently taken their lead!

I once even had an Australian guy say to me,

“Australians are full of sh$t,”


I have found this to be true

You grow to accept that people rarely deliver on their promises.

One PM in particular systematically broke his promises despite having pilloried Julia Gillard when she had been forced to back down on one of hers! (Due to being in a minority government) but Abbott had been able to ride this one broken promise all the way into government!

There Will Be No Carbon Tax in the Government I Lead

One thing I have learned is that governments need to under promise and over deliver! (Just like ethical businesses)

Under Promise & Over Deliver | 3 Tips for Freelancers


I am sorry about the lack of sources for many of my posts. I realise I under-delivered in this respect. I have not decided what to do about this yet,

When you are co-parenting with a Narcissist it is also a good idea to “under-promise and over-deliver.”

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