Surviving a Covert Maligant Narcissist Parental Alienator

I am republishing the link to this letter. I have experienced much of this. There was a whole family system attempting to discredit me. I have an advantaģe, I knew what to expect. I had watched them do it to somebody else although even I had no idea of the extreme lengths to which they would go!

I had scanned the family photos. I was showing his daughter the photos when his daughter had picked up something I hadn’t. Her mother had also clearly had trichotillomania as a child!

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Previously we had been told how this person’s father had caused her trichotillomamania by leaving his baby alone in the cot for hours. (This mother was the very same person who had activelý tried to encourage me to pop out with her while leaving my own child alone in the cot. Fortunately Ì know better than to do things like that!)

She had been very angry at her mother when the photo had made her realise the condition (trichotillomania) clearly ran in the family and had not been caused by her father. I had tried to calm things by mentioning the proven abuse her mother had experienced at the hands of a predator as an explanation

I regret defending the mother in any way now! It did not take long for the whole issue to be systematically erased from the daughter’s mind anyway!

I had always known that I would eventually have my reputation destroyed by them too. Still I feel I have always done my best to ensure our children can think for themselves.

Stage One has already commenced with my son being persuaded that I had needlessly wrecked the family over “stupid little things!”

It is a well-practiced, well- oiled machine which involves a well-trained network of people which they use. I watched them steadily chip away at my reputation.

I am currently also experiencing alienation from my own family and friends, Still I regard that as more of a test of their character than of mine!

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