Northerner terrifies Londoners by saying “Hello”

It really can be like this, I used to deliberately sit on a different seat on public transport sometimes and brave the glares!

On the whole I found Northerners will pretty much say hello to anybody. My own mother’s first encounter with commuters in London was not a positive experience.

“Go away, Don’t bother me child!” Neither of my parents enjoyed London. Maybe my experience was different as I was actually born there. I can’t stand the bull@%$t you get living in suburbia!

Suburgatory Trailer

Both my ex and I struggled to sleep in the silence of suburbia. Yet the drug problem was worse than anything I had ever personally encountered living in London

Remember This!

London Underground Etiquette

Now that is the sort of open warfare I am more used to handling. The kind of petty, spoiled brattish behaviour of some in suburbia, is beyond me,

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