Mel B On Her Journey To “Take [Her] Power Back” After Surviving Alleged …

I used to joke that maybe he would like us to all line up by the door so he could check our outfits and underwear.

He would never allow me to go to sleep before him. He would deliberately wake me up if I tried, He behaved in a similar manner with the children, yanking the bedclothes off them as they lay there half asleep,

Deliberate sleep deprivation drives you nuts and makes it easier to manipulate and control.

I am sure the guy downstairs reckons he is sleep deprived, He was however the main reason why I insisted all activity stopped by 10PM!

Once you have been abused by one Cluster B other Cluster Bs pick up on it and believe they can get away with it too.

They have usually established their own group of flying monkeys to help them in this task. I believe flying monkeys should be dealt with first by those in authority, once the psychopath/narcissist is cut off from their flying monkeys, they will be easier to handle.

Monkey See/ Monkey Do

The Fate of the Narcissist’s “Flying MonkeysOn the plus side it is only a matter of time before the flying monkeys too, will find themselves on the wrong side of the psychopath’s/ narcissists wroth!


Luke 17:3 Ministries

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