I try to listen b to politicians who have a proven record of speaking the truth!Funny how all the false claims about

How Can Business Survive Climate Change? The Economist (Not exactly a left wing publication.

The Truthfulness (or Otherwise) of Political Campaigns

Brexit reminds me of this. I wonder how much our climate catastrophe is costing business?

How Can Business Survive Climate Change?

The preoccupation of many politician’s is winning. Truth it would appear is often an early casualty.

I would be judging politicians on their track record of providing honest and accurate information in the past not on any future faking!


Why Do Narcissists Future Fake?

One of my ex’s last acts in our marriage was to hold out the hope that we would move to Port Macquarie. I am ashamed to say I fell for it. So I confess I am not immune to future-faking.

The climate as I recall it in Port Macquarie is a steady 20-28 degrees Celsius year round. Although they have been hit by a severe round of weather events recently.

Worst Storm in NSW History

Bushfire EMERGENCY Port Mcquarie

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