Health Benefits of Paw Paw Ointment

Just how expensive is paw paw oinrment? I have heard some people say it has cost them dearly and consider it daylight robbery,

Price of Paw Paw Ointment


Exodus 20.15

I am sure some of the old dodderers people in this building would find it helpful. I swear half of them are so far gone, they probably wander into the wrong rooms and take stuff by mistake!

I used to visit my nan all the time. Mum had needed to label things and even then some of them had ended up wearing Nan’s clothing,

Poor nan went through it as she was one of the few who wasn’t senile. She had used to signal to me;

Some cheery songs for those struggling to remember which room they live in Here.

Don”t worry I have been getting lost my entire life.

Dementia and Coconut Oil

Going to Nan’s old people’s home could be entertaining at times, (I am working on developing a big hole in my memory as pertains to my marriage,)

Getting Nana’s clothes back was the bane of Mum’s life,

TENOR- I swear some of the pensioners living at Nan’s old people’s home must have ended up dressed like this.

Occupational Therapy In Dementia Care

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