True Mateship

True Mateship

Thank You For Being a Friend – Cher

The first priority of any true friend in my view should be to keep their friend reasonably safe, Helping to protect a friend’s physical and mental well-being should be central. Whether it is my friend writing to tell me to look after myself after I had been dumped or simply doing their best to ensure their friend gets home safely after a night out or as my Australian friend did for me standing up to their bullying partner and BEING THERE in their hour of need, To me that is MATESHIP.

If you can’t be there through my hour of need then don’t bother, people who knew my ex had been arrested for beating me up yet couldn’t be bothered to call to check how I was. I wouldn’t have cared what people were saying. I would only have cared that my mate was saying. My best mate was borderline rude last time I was home if I am honest. I knew I b was taking a risk getting her involved with my mother but thought she recognised the nonsense. Perhaps on some level I was testing her but mainly I had known she needed help.

Let’s not forget my mum’s two friends from our American trip who have visited her almost every week since Dad died. Also my best friend who has written to me regularly and always stayed in touch since 1985/86 and our American friend we first met in 1982 who helped me get mum on a trip away to America. I think Americans really know how to be good friends, (As opposed to being “partners in genuine crime,’

Nothing appears to nondescript people more here than a common enemy.” All too often I have been the common enemy.

“Glad to have been of service.*

Female friendships I have come across since I have been in Australia tend to be kinda. ephemeral.

“Blink and you will miss them,”

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