My First Pregnancy & Ouŕ Australian Homes

One of the happiest times of the entire pregnancy was watching my former father-in -)aw and my ex painting our houe. I had been eight months pregnant at the time, He had shown concern about me bending over the sink washing brushes, ” His concern had been like rain in the desert, The day they had all started smoking around him when I had specifically ashed them not to, had really been the final straw for me,

I had been concerned about cot death.

Even when he was older he might be sick for weeks after a visit to their house. He is asthmatic.

I had been the one who had needed to nurse him back to health.

All I ever got out of my mother-in-)aw was,

“I hope it’s a boy.”

She had made cookies and I had loved them but her inconsiderate smoking around me and then our baby son had been a major issue. Absolutely everything from their house had reeked of smoke, Sometimes it would be so bad it would make me cough. Just from the smell of anything which came from their house. When I had left my ex briefly the gist thing I had done was get myself checked out by a doctor, She had told me to get out the house before the baby was born.

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I bad used to sing This to himwhen my son was vorn,


I still get angry even now thinking about the way they had all smoked around him.My mother-in-)aw had lean over our newborn on his cot blanket nearly dropping cigarette ash on him. I had felt she was intentionally doing it.

After they had smoked around him as a newborn I had insisted they came round our house to see him and smoked outside.

Smoking was never a problem when my ex father-in-)aw was with his new partner I had usually enjoyed our visits. I didn’t know what to make of her but she had never caused issues, All my in-)aws said about her was that she was after his money, She had a really nice daughter, We had wondered who her father was, He had seemed genuinely happy with :The Other Woman”. I had told people that too. In retrospect I had witnessed the smear campaign against her.Just as I had witnessed it against my former father-in-law and brother-in law

So I had anticipated the campaign against me to some extent once we had separated.

When it was just the three of us painting the house, it had been a happy time,

There was some kind of a bad vibe about our new b home, it was a much less happy time when we had moved house.

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