If You Have A Problem. SOLVE IT

A strong influence both on my personal and my professional life has been what I was taught at college about Edward de Bono.

My youngsters probably got sick of my saying,

“You have a problem. SOLVE IT,”

I do not believe in fixing everything for them. I am happy to stand by giving them moral support and encouragement, whilst they do

I believe in celebrating their success in doing this with them rather than riding in, like some White knight on their charger, as I feel this is very disempowering. I saw what it did to my ex when his family had solved every problem for him.

It had destroyed his confidence and made him dependent.

Lately I could have used a knight on their charger.

Solid moral support has often been seriously lacking since I left the UK and more recently the tragic death of my friend,

We all need somebody to champion our cause on occasions.

I am so grateful that God has been there,

Actual human beings have often proven untrustworthy,

My response to anybody coming near me these days has been to draw my sword like Annabeth

“One step closer and you die!”

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