The Joy’s of Texting

Some great You Tube Channels have come and gone over the years. I really miss some of the old narcissism channels. People were trying to deal with their pain in a way that helped other i had found one woman particularly helpful! Thank you if you are still out there.

One of her videos on the topic of narcissism was about the time she had dumped what sounded very much like a narcissistic male.

He had begged and pleaded with her to take him back,(complete with tears etc.) She had gone on another date with him, whereupon he had immediately dumped her.

They just have to be the ones to do the dumping.

I felt it was safer to let him dump me rather than the other way round (Once I had figured him out!)

I had gotten over the “wanting him back” stage when I had realised the extent of his lies. It was that which had woken me up. That and having to try to be there for broken-hearted young people!

My return text now would be;


He is very good at shedding crocodile tears.

Many toxic people I have found are great at attacking you and then turning on the Crocodile Tears. They attack you and then run off crying for sympathy,

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