Don’t Be A Dummy

The Perfect male fantasy should not be a dummy. They need to be able to handle real women.

Call Your Daughter Home – Deb Spera

This sounds a bit like my favourite:

How To Make An American Quilt

I love the way one woman handles her husband’s infidelity with her sister,

My mother had returned from her holiday in Pennysylvania really excited about the Amish quilts she had seen. My ex mother in law (BTW I recognised one of her best friends was clearly being beaten up by her husband too but I left the two of them to handle it. Nowadays I would report it myself! Mind you I kinda hope her youngsters are helping her to press charges now they are adults and must surely recognise it is wrong.) made beautiful quilts but unfortunately I had noticed having anything from them in my flat always led to trouble so I stored them outside the flat where I am sure, given that there are security cameras, they were quite safe.We also have building supervisors etc, looking out for us… So I am certain reviewing security footage absolutely ensures the safety of our personal property, especially since we have a live-in caretaker.

I also tried to encourage my children to use their anger creatively. Probably a few diss pieces being written about me right now.I am glad if they feel they can be honestly angry rather than feel they have to kiss my ass. They both have minds of their own and more importantly they can say, “No” to me.

By the same token I can say “No” to them!

As you can see I am a model mother.

Top Ten Rosanne Moments

My dear artist friend also makes mosaics from broken crockery. Her former boyfriend would go scouting around for broken crockery with her. There is plenty available here. Still I am just grateful it is only broken crockery given the circumstances we used to live in. I have fully expected my youngsters to get angry and blame me. Hell I blame me too.

When I am really angry you probably won’t realise until it is already too late and I have likely disappeared from your life. If you are lucky you will have at least have copped a verbal spray first, so you know why.

Also my reactions can be delayed by decades. Additionally fyi guilt ploys are a complete waste of time with me these days!

Once you have had to clean your blood off a coffee table whilst people swooned over your abuser you kinda stop caring!

Oh and then there was the me-shaped hole in the wall which I was told off for causing after he slapped me. I guess I was taught my place!

I got really into the show Medium for a while. I could identify with some of the stuff she experienced. It really intensified with children and upon hitting forty. I sometimes hate being able to see through people.

I also recognised one of my daughter’s male classmate’s had a narcisstic mother and girlfriend. It had made him really ill.

My daughter and I had both recognised the issue but were not in a position to provide real practical help.We need people like him to be brave and speak up. Physical Symptoms of a Narcissistic Relationship

You’re The Voice – Celine Dion

Broken Bones, Broken Hearts & Broken Engagements

My friend had once used almost those exact words to me as Doctor Phil She knew what she was talking about. She told me a former neighbour had been stabbed, She had returned to her country of origin. I believe she was African.

Putting The Pieces Back Together

My arty friend was still creating mosaics last time I looked.

Mosaics From Broken China

I could have used this reminder a few hours ago.

Mosaics Artists

The Japanese Art of Fixing Broken Pottery


Joan Jett – Bits & Pieces

The guy upstairs has gone next level now. He seems to be removing his floor completely. When he is done up there maybe he can help me fix my floor ready for a party with my artistic friends, Maybe he would like to pose for them too!

Dante’s Inferno

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