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My best lesson was reading King Ant to a group of children and being horrendously sarcastic about the fact that the ant was different. I was offloading about what the society had put us through. The children had stared at me open- mouthed when instead of talking about why it was wrong to mistreat the ant who was different I had sarcastically attacked it, letting out, decades of frustration. Starting out with,
“How dare the ant be different! He should have known his place.”( I guess you can do something similar with the story of The Ugly Duckling.)
I had really gone off. It had felt sooooo good!

Whoops that is me in the naughty chair YET AGAIN!

If I were writing my own report, it would probably contain words like “disruptive” and “bad influence”.  ” Easily bored.”

If you are putting me in the naughty corner, my mum needs to go there too. Oh and my dead grandmother too!  Oh and my best friend.  She dragged me “kicking and screaming” to heavy metal concerts.

Whoops sorry I forgot I must get back to selecting the perfect dishwasher detergent for my family.  Sorry but I like mine to be a pretty colour, Perhaps I need expert advice on how to wash up perfectly.

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Persil Washing Up Liquid Ad.

It used to be fun washing up with my ex before he became too important. He would tell me off for drying up the cups he was using to lean plates on. In fact washing up together had used to be a real bonding time.

My dad would complain that we emptied the cupboards when he washed up. He would also accidentally end up washing the same dishes twice. Washing up together was some of my happiest memories  both with my father and my ex.

I guess I just have old and washed up ideas.

Teamwork Makes The Deam Work

Tenor Some days I do feel I am being tied down by Liliputians.

Why Stupid People Think They’re Smart


ROBINSON CRUSOE was also,one of my favourite shows growing up. I had a major crush on Robinson Crusoe,  I wouldn’t mind being marooned with John Taylor from Duran Duran.  I have been isolated for decades anyway, I would be his Girl Friday any day, I can tell he is shy. I think musicians often hide behind their instruments,

John Taylor & Roger Taylor from  Duran Duran


Still there is a world of difference between love and a celebrity crush. I don’t know whether it is some memory trick but I am now pretty sure we did lie down in the road being stupid. It is amazing how much you can block out when somebody has hurt you. RILEY’S MEMORIES

Joy Falls In The Memory Dump I let Mr Annoying fall in the memory dump, so goodness knows how much I have forgotten. I needed to retrieve the memories, dust them down and just accept he is part of who I am. Part of my soul will always belong to him I guess, I keep testing myself but he us definitely the only guy who was on the same dumb wavelength as me,


Memory – Elaine Page

T,S, Elliot Reads Old Possom’s Book of Practical Cats

The Subconscious I was also terrified of my grandmother’s vacuum cleaner. I didn’t  used to like clowns much either,

Perhaps we are subconsciously aware of heyoka/sacred clowns and scared of what they may reveal. I am very comfortable with my dark side.try to mean what I say and say what I mean,

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