Shut in The Fridge and Being “Fine” With It

When I was working in the dairy I got shut in one of the Industrial fridges. Fortunately I had been warned this might happen and told not to panic, just to keep checking the product dates till somebody let me out.

“Forewarned is forearmed.” Good job the bible forewarned us about so many things!

When I go cold. I go really cold. It takes a lot but it can feel like you never even existed! It shocks even me how much I can detach, once I have been lied to!

The “Annoying One” lied only by omission, (Not warning me he was an aristocrat.) I guess I lie by omission too. (Not letting people know, I have seen right through them and that they will probably never hear from me again!) Becoming forty was a real watershed for me, just as my pagan friend described. I still love her. She is not a hypocrit! My ex trained my youngsters to call me a hypocrit, as he knew it would get under my skin. Yeah I am a hypocrit! I pretend to be taken in by the bull$%#$t I suppose that is being deceptive just as I accuse others, so I guess I don’t care about even that word now! The other lie I understand (being from the UK) is,

“I’m fine!”

The One Where Ross is Fine,

(As I have mentioned before, “Girls tend not to like me.” either.) One of the highlights of my young life, was an attempt to drown me in a school swimming lesson by a group of girls! But that was ok. I was totally fine!)

Honest Government Ads – We’re Fine

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

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