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I have watched GB NEWS on and off almost since it’s inception. To me it was .clear it had a right wing bias. I accepted that. After a while I had stopped watching it, as it seemed to be increasingly influenced by the American right. In particular I am not a fan of Nigel Farage, who in my view had become far too closely tied to American Republicans, appearing at US political rallies etc.
Recently GB News appears to have returned to centre right and is making some valid points even if I do not always agree. A fair amount of their time appears to be concerned with migrants.
My Background
I can only speak from my personal perspective. The migrant issue has always been bubbling away under the surface, When I was teaching in London at least a third of my students were from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The biggest issue was Bangladeshi migrants at that time. My personal bugbear was the willingness to pull children (especially girls) out of the system for months on end. Always over our head hung the prospect that some of our beautiful young girls would just suddenly be married off to some old “dude” in Bangladesh. I do remember Australia making a strong stand over this type of behaviour on my first visit here with my ex. If I find the details I will update and republish this post.
The school migrant community had appeared to be an isolated community, who wanted little to do with the rest of the culture. (I can sympathise with this view now, being a migrant myself.) Contrary to popular belief they were not anti-Christian. They were more inclined to be anti- Hindu or anti- Sikh if they were Moslem and vice versa. I accepted that Moslem fathers did not generally make eye-contact with me, as a woman.
It is an attitude I have also encountered here in Australia with white men. I have sarcastically pointed this out to some men here at times, when I have been ignored as men spoke to my partner and ignored me!
I remember the chief issue with sex education was any illustrations involving nudity.
Most of the Moslem boys did not accept I had any authority as a woman. I battled with the boys constantly yet I grew to love them To this day I refer to them as “My boys,” I pray for them when I remember. My favourite pupil ever is actually a Moslem boy.
He was regularly in the Friday Girls V Boys matches and he was mentioned by the girls for treating them with particular courtesy and respect! He was more respectful than many white boys!
I like to think they mostly recognised that I loved them.
I let one of them down as I had not recognised his issues. He went berserk and I had refused to take him back out of concern for the safety of the other children. I treated him the same way I would a white boy!
In fact I have refused to have a particular white boy over to our house because he had ignored the boundaries I set!
Sometimes teaching a child boundaries can be their Salvation.

Grooming Gangs
I am inclined to believe that there is an issue with grooming gangs in the UK which needs to be addressed. If you consider me racist I fully understand your decision to unsubscribe.
This report by GB News is horrific but sadly credible in my view. The men involved appear to be Pakistani.
Grooming Gangs – Britain’s Shame A report by GB News.

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