Kindness To The Vulnerable

For example we had a woman who would regularly run out the front of the building and scream. My son and I had wound up in the lift with her on one occasion. Every Thursday( I think) she would have her screaming fits!

Actually she may have been the same character who forced her way into the lift with me at the height of covid, She must have moved floors, I remember the hairstyle, My son had thought she was being supervised by her son. It is great that he takes such good care of her! I bet he buys her chocolate regularly.

It is great that everybody here is so supportive of her! She wrote me a lovely note. Dealing with this kind of person can be fun. Doing things like imitating their cute little ways!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

For example I would buy her a couple of presents and a course. I also think she could use some glasses to make reading official notices from the Body Corporate easier.

If anybody needs help learning to wtite their name. I used big chalk om the gardem. I would draw things in chalk in giant letters in the garden to start with and we would walk each letter. I also printed off roads which they could drive toy cars down,


Having less stuff makes things easier to find. Now when I am having vision issues I am inyendung to get rid of stuff,

I Can See Clearly Now – Ann Murray

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