Healing Hands

Healing Hands – Healing Hands – Elton John

This song nursed me through another broken heart. I assume I was upset about my broken relationship with a colleague. I had really gone into full-on grief at the time. I had packed my bags and headed off on my first travel adventure to the kibbutz, as my way of handling it! My friend had been so concerned about me, she had written me a letter, pleading that I take care of myself, I lost a lot of weight, which was not altogether a bad thing at the time.

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I presume now it had just been just one heartbreak too many, I have never reacted as badly either before or since. Having made an idiot out of myself once, I was determined never to let a guy do that much damage ever again. I kept reminding myself what an idiot I had been back then. It helped me through the subsequent break up of my toxic marriage.

ACTS 4:30

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