Going for Job Interviews

My flatmate traipsed around Winchester with me, while I looked for a suit b for an interview for my first teaching position. I have been to Winchester many times before and since, as it is smack in the middle of my family’s heritage.

I know it is a stereotype but gay guys know how to go clothes shopping anď we had the best time. I got a great suit and I had eventually obtained a teaching position. I also wore my outfit to my graduation! He is another person who has always stayed in touch, He invited me to visit again only recently. He is also the only guy who gets to advise me what to wear!

Ì gather I must have tried on quite a few outfits.

One of my former roommate’s boyfriends would not enter the house as one of my housemates was gay. Mr Annoying had no such problem he had even availed himself of our bathing facilities, so of all the things I have called him over the years “narrow-minded and homophobic’have never been among them.

eWatch “Tom Robinson -Glad to be Gay (Downing Street 19 July 2016)” on YouTube

It was good that he was able to relax and have a good gossip afterwards.

The Rich Girl in Paris Shopping Spree!

Thank you for putting up with me and not bitching about me behind my back. I have never spoken a negative word against you either!