I Could Grow To Love Australian Lamb

Australian Lamb Ad 2022

I am not tradtionally a fan of lamb but my daughter gave me lamb for Christmas dinner and it was tender and not too fatty. In the UK we eat lamb with mint sauce,

There are often electric barbecues in Australian parks. I have cooked Christmas dinner on an electric barbecue, I don’t go near anything with naked,flames.

Fresh Meat- Why The British Drink

I am fighting the urge to talk about the lamb of God here,


AUSTRALIANS COOK ON THE BARBECUE AT THE FIRST GLIMPSE OF SUNSHINE. (Some people only cook on the barbecue,) Huey’s Cooking Adventures

Tip my ex husband has a chequered record with barbecues. He was considered the expert being Australian and had been left to do the barbecuing at a school function. The children, who were inside went scurrying to see the flames.

Never A Dull Moment – Rod Stewart

He also set fire to our hedge, causing us to be visited by two fire trucks, My ex father-in-law cowered behind the shed,with the children. I was in the kitchen but had run out to rescue the children, take them next door and call the fire brigade. There were towering flames as my ex tried to fight the burning bushwith a hose, As far as I!m concerned any barbecue with less than two fire trucks is a win.

Urgent – Foreigner

How To Use A Barbecue Safely

How To Use A Fire Extinguisher.

Personally I would never barbecue without a fire extinguisher handy. In my view the only barbecues we should ne using on our verandahs are electric ones,

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