The Ducking Stool

For centuries men have been trying to get women to “Put up and shut up.^ They used to use 16th century woman’s humiliation device.

Australia appears to have its own version of v the ducking stool for women who refuse to know their place with a modern twist. I just assume there are concerns about punishment size as only rampantly insecure men would need to behave in such a primative way.

HOW TO MEASURE SMALL THINGS Most tape measures make it difficult to measure in millimetres. Brace Yourself!

Tiny Dancer – Elton John

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The Complete Diaryof Adrian Mole.

Watch “Seeing The Smallest Thing in The Universe” by Physis Girl on You Tube.

I did not like what I have seen of The weird opening ceremony for The Hadron Collider,

It takes real guts for a man to stand up and defend a woman here in Australia.

Men Should Defend Women – Ben Shapiro6

it’s Not What You Do. it;,’s The Way That You Do It.

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