I Will Feel What I Darn Well Want To

If the world is about to end I am off to Dahab with a friend,

Feel Like Making Love – Roberta Flack

Avocados are tasty and they don’t ruin dates.

Avocado and Date Smoothie

Oh and I have been living among a bunch of chauvinistic a’holes who would no more make their partners avocado on toast than I would enjoy vindaloo.

I am also judging thr building insulation compensation scheme here in Victoria and the choices made about who is fit to take care of the building.

Grenfall Tower Fire Enquiry


Meghan rolls up sleeves to help Grenfall fire victims.


I had to listen to them die.”


We watched the building go up live here in Australia too. It looked so apocalyptic I am surprised anybody survived.

Grenfall Tower Fire ‘ People were jumping out of windows

Sounds like 911. The World Trade Centre:

The Falling Man

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