Watch “How to Defrost A Freezer – DIY Hacks – House Cleaning Tutorial” on YouTube

This will help

Professional Cleaner Shows How To Defrost A Fridgehe This will help ice ice in the fridge to thaw.Do not confuse with Thor(A God).

If I Had A Hammer

It must run in the family. There was almost nothing my brother couldn’t do with a Hammer. He nearly demolished our house with one once, attempting to help Dad make a hole in the wall.

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

I recommend keeping hammers away from the men in the family.

There’s a hole in fhe wall. Mousie lives there. Pussy-cat came by and said, ‘What are you doing in there? I’m making some clothes for my little ones to wear.May I come in.?

“Oh no you might bite my ned/ head off.”

I totally blame myself. We should never have bought our son a plastic hammer and block.

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