The Importance of Saying Thank You

Dear Partners Thank You

Source: John Lewis Partnership

I am glad I have finally been able to find a way to say “Thank You!!” to a company who has given us so much!

When my father was laid off on the spot by a U S based company, it had been John Lewis and not the American company, who had supported our family through the experience. They were never intrusive. They were just there for us when we needed them. You Were Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley My friend from Waitrose was hit by a car while running across the road one day on her way to school. She is lucky to be alive! I can still see the dent in her leg in my mind.

Reach Out. I’ll Be There – The Four Tops

I don’t think any of us will ever forget the brutal way my father was laid off or the way Memco(it was an American store which had suddenly closed down while we were in America.) workers had to hear that they were being retrenched over the radio.(Retrenched is the American word for being laid off.)

I will also never forget my precious first radio 📻 which my daddy had bought me. When I had been bought a radio cassette recorder later on, I had recorded a whole heap of Carpenters songs for him.(Sadly Karen Capenter died as a consequence of anorexia.)

Princess Diana on Amorexia

On My Radio – The Selecter


Yesterday Once More – The Carpenters it comforts me knowing that I would have told my father I loved 😍 him on that last phone call. Our mother had taught us to always do that (Perhaps because she had grown up through the war years when people could be taken from them at any moment.) I love you both Mum and Dad. ❤

Beautybeyondbones Answers Sone Questions About Anorexia (Use discernment when visiting her blog, as the political stuff can tend to be more than a little biased.) Nonetheless she was one of my earliest followers and although her political stuff made my hair stand on end sometimes, I have learned a lot from her. I think I have unsubscribed at least twice but I always end up missing her.)

Currently we are on a break.

The guy I was going out with before I met my ex husband would probably say this too. (From giphy)

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