The Brainwashing Campaign

Narcs set about alienating children from rhetoric non toxic parent with fervour, Settle in witha glass of wine so that we can discuss how the wool has been pulled over your eyes.

Red, Red Wine – UB40

Narcissistic fathers can do a lot of damage as the daughters can end up mimicking their crazy behaviour in an effort to form any kind of bond with them but they need to realise they are dealing with a snake. Narcissistic fathers often seem to have an unhealthy relationship with their own mothers too. The sad thing is the non-narcissistic parent begins to believe the lies too. They can end believing their child will be better off without them and leaving their child’s life. Feeling rejected the child may even start to hero worship the father to compensate for their loss. Unfortunately left unchecked, a narcisstic father can destroy a child’s self esteem, perhaps even leaving them with things like eating disorders and mental illness, Unfortunately the daughter may not feel able to hold the parent they have left accountable, as they are scared to lose what they have left,

It takes real guts to recognise there are two sides to every story and sit down to listen to the non narcissistic parent’s version of events with an open mind.

Maybe there are even legal claims possible for slander and parental alienation! I have a long playlist of songs containing f words I can supply (for therapeutic reasons only) upon request.

My number one tip is to recognise that you are dealing with somebody who will try every trick in the book and try to remain detached. When we get emotional, we play right into their concocted narrative, Try to keep calm and pray. Get others to pray for you too. Play your favourite worship music nice and loud. In court stick to the facts and do not let yourself be sidetracked.

Ultimately showing up these liars maybe the greatest thing the alienated mother can do for child,

When the child is an adult the evidence of the damage done by a narcissistic custodial father may well be self-evident.

Onward Christian Soldiers Cedarmont Kids

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