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The correct British term for this is skiving.
I am not sure if I have spelled it correctly. Ask my brother!

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Genuine fever can be a dangerous sign. However some youngsters can feign a temperature i had to have an expensive 👂 thermometer as our son had Febrile Convulsions for many years. The first one was so terrifying I thought he was dead as I held his little blue body in my arms. He came round in the ambulance. I remember the emergency operator asking if he was breathing and I wouldn’t put him down to check. I always had to keep a close eye on his temperature.

He missed a lot of school what with one illness or another. There was bitchiness about that too!

MYOB Maybe if people had settled for less stuff , they would not have had to send sick children to school. I have spent an awful lot of time over the years nursing other people’s sick children. I sympathise with the plight of single parents and I made mistakes too but sending a sick child to school is irresponsible if I was ever in doubt, I always told them to get the school to ring me if there were any issues. In many ways I was a single parent myself! Threatening to knock on a neighbour’s door to get them to ask for help had made a huge difference. It had meant it was impossible for me to work. I even missed out on a medical procedure because thanks to dumbass anti Vaxer’s, my son contracted whooping cough, despite being fully vaccinated himself

Whooping Cough – Mayo Clinic I don’t trust myself to say more about anti-vaxers. They are a sick joke in my view. Anti Vaxer’s should be made to stick to the facts!

Pretty sure I also contracted whooping cough. I still whoop if I get a cough at times.

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