Let’s Gaslight Together Because “Sharing Is Caring!”

We will take it in turns to kick the football.


I used to watch According To Jim but to my mind it normalised gaslighting of a wife by her husband. He was always trying to convince her that she wasn’t seeing what she was seeing.

The show has not aged well. The concept of a husband continually trying to fool his wife all the time, looks so dated now.

According To Jim Men’s Brains VS Women’s Brains

A Splash of Gaslighting From A Narcissist by Mental Healnes,m

It is all very well till you learn that even if we don’t believe the nonsense on some level our brain does!We end up with cognitive dissonance and brain fog. This can leave us feeling like we have been hit over the head by a mallet.

12 Gaslighting Phrases Abusive People Use To Control You

I remember my ex moving out and then telling me that I had asked him to leave. I racked my brain then decided I must have said it in a fit of anger.I still am not completely sure but he got me to the point I had insisted everthing was in writing.https://youtu.be/wJ6sIxm_vWI?si=BtrIgXSVE3MJFwir

Gaslighter – Tenďer zg

Generally if I catch people trying to gaslight me, we are done!

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