What Is Projection?

The thing about projection is that toxic people have got you either way, if you try to fight back against what a toxic person is trying to make you believe about yourself, it only makes matters matters worse. I eventually learned that the more I fought back, the worse things became. My weapon of choice was usually sarcasm in the end. I also did a little projecting back.

He only had to make the tiniest move towards caring, decency and respect for me to become more co-operative.

The projection was unbearable at times. I was continually called a hypocrit. (The irony of it. I lost it when he ran in a race supporting domestic violence victims, while he was still making our lives Hell.) I generally encouraged our youngsters to run with their father but I made my feelings about that particular run pretty clear.

I was probably my usual sarcastic self.

Just agreeing with him sarcastically was often a better approach.

For example, “Yes you are right. I really mist try not to … any more. I must give a really bad impression and cause people to dislike and mistrust me etc etc.etc!

Australian Woman MP Wears Garbage bag.

Kim Kardassian Wears a Trashbag Handbag.

I wore a real trash bag. It ripped from memory.

Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

When I Grow Up – Garbage

I lay it on with a trowel.

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