Only the people who reached out to me in my hour of need are part of my story now. Thanks for the memories but get off your backsides and give me real practical help or stay away.

I Will Survive.

I want some real world messages of support else shall consider you all a figment of my imagination.

I am really good at that!

After all life happens and it is for living!

Gee all the crazies really do come out on the full moon don’t they? I dated a Republican. Jolly nice he was too. He made me food I could actually eat!!

I wondered whether Mr Annoying shared a vindaloo with Dominic. In which case Dominic has suffered enough

Somebody might need to be downgraded from annoying. Trouble is he is still more fun than most guys I know, I would love to properly introduce him to my ex. You are my best friend,

On that note what has happened to GB NEWS? Thanks for ratting me out btw. I had to stop watching, it was like walking into cottage cheese all over again I couldn”t stand all the smirking. I used to like Patrick.

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