Watch “No Time To Die (Live from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from James Bond Day)” on YouTube

A Wise Old Owl Source: Little Learning Cormer (Poem available in Golden Treasury of Poetry by Louis Untermeyer)

Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty from recollection my Canadian flat mate was really into Gerry Rafferty!

I have a lovely note to remember him by.

When you have spent weeks staring at metal ones in various sizes, you learn a thing or two about size but not fallibility!

Halloween Treats – Evteryvody Loves Raynond

Restorative justice has its limits, if people are out there suggesting otherwise. (I know they do that because it is exactly what I was told about a previous girlfriend!) Throw the book at them. Actually Don!t bother judging by what has been allowed to happen to me anyway! It is no wonder the term kangaroo court was coined.
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