I have finally written to our local Liberal MP citing The United Nation’s Human Rights Commission violations in our building as I have had little interest from our Body Corporate ( Details supplied upon request!)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I have High Hopes

If nothing is done about the unacceptable human rights violations, there will be another person added to my people that suck list.;

I feel police need to interview all previous residents of this building about their experiences of discrimination. I hope they don’t all turn into Sergeant Schultz!

Most worrying of all is the fact that some previous tenants have never redirected their bank statements. I would have thought that was essential.

I have even been contacted by somebody trying to locate the girls who lived here. I am going to treat this like a Whodunnit mystery from now on.

“It was Mrs Peacock in the lounge with the lead piping,”Mrs Peacock Funny Scenes

Maybe it was “Miss Scarlet with the revolver in the kitchen,” oe perhaps “Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the rope.”

Killing Me Softly=Roberta Flack

Luke 8;17

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