Harry & Meghan

The level of hatred towards Harry & Meghan seems out of all proportion!

It is almost like somebody considered them a threat to their plans.

GB NEWS never stops whinging about them for example.is it not enough that Princess Diana was hounded to her death,

They are a young family.

Give them a break,

We Brits let Princess Diana be torn apart by the press.

When will we learn our lesson?

Princess Diana’s Death Announced 1997

Perhaps thety need ro observe family tradition a little more for us to truly appreciate them! Personally I am hoping Prince Harry forgets to lock the door during one of his videos.

It will be interesting to see how things go for Harry &,Meghan once the children are at school!

They need to be embarrassed by their children like the rest of us. Perhaps Archie will lock them out of their Montecito home. Archie and Lilibet will likely enjoy visiting the neighbours too!

I can imagine the discussion between Harry and Meghan if that should happen,

All the fun of young children is coming back to me.

We are long overdue for another royal family egg and spoon race too.

If their nanny is like me, they may even get complaints from the neighbours! If only they had had nanny cams back in those days!

Still having children seems to be God’s way of teaching us our lessons. Parents have the ultimate secret weapon for dealing with their children,

Caution âš  only to be used in extreme circumstances! Too many Red Faces isn’t a good look!

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