My Favourite Lawyer

Portia from The Merchant of Venice.

Portia, The Quality of Mercy

Merchant of Venice -The TRIAL I always bore this in mind during divorce,

Whilst in many ways I was entitled to my “pound of flesh,” I knew I would ultimately be accountable both to my children and to God.

Recent events are causing me to rethink my stance. If I am going to be treated like I am dishonourable anyway, I see no real reason to hold back,

I always hold something in reserve, ready to use it if I have to. If I am to be humiliated and have my property stolen, I will make it worth my while.

Money, Money, Money -ABBA

If I am to be painted as a money grabbing bi##ch I may as well be one.

I can be bloody-minded enough to send us both broke rather than allow my children see that I am a gullible fool.

We have a saying in my family.

“Pay up and look big!”

Another one I like is;

Laughing all the way to the bank,*

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