My Brother’s Idea of Fun with His Mates

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Teen Spirit is a deodorant.

Dave Grohl seems to get better with age. He must be pretty resilient, He has lost two of his band members from two different bands to suicide.

Pretender – Foo Fighters

Perfume Prank My ex husband once refused to believe we had a gas leak in the kitchen. The gas man came and sure enough we had a gas leak. The man from the gas board had said,

Always trust a woman’s nose

My brother and his friends would spend Saturday afternoon at the perfume counter of the local department store and spray each other with women’s perfume. I remember my mum would comment that my brother’s room Smelled like “a tart’s boudoir” when he went out socialising. He has a way with women. He is funny. One of his friends was a bus driver. He once told me something about the number of times he would close the door in a passenger’s face.The Singing Bus Driver

Scent of A Woman Trailer

I told my ex never to try to make me choose between him and my perfume because he would lose.

(He had tried to claim he was allergic to my perfume at one stage.) According to my Mum my brother had wanted to buy me the same perfume I use today but he had been unable to afford it at the time.

My everyday perfume was White Musk from the Body Shop back then but I do not like their new formula. My expensive perfume is now my everyday perfume.

There are few things more touching than a guy who remembers your favourite perfume!

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