A Christmas Trick

You Can Do Magic – America For the record they look like a bunch of engineers.

My daughter showed me her magic trick today. It is a work in progress.

Mixing With The Cream of Society

Did I ever mention I used to work in a dairy?

We produced the cream for M&S, Waitrose and many more. I was notorious for yelling,

“Stop the machine!”

to prevent the production of any underweight cream pots!

I made myself a bit unpopular with the guys on the production line.

(Death threats are nothing new to me.)

I used to get a free pot of cream every week too.

More Magic

My father was fond of saying,

“And now for my next trick…”

My magic trick was, I managed to turn one common rabbit into five multi-coloured rabbits. We had ended up with a white rabbit too. I used to love making chocolate rabbits. (I would melt the chocolate in the nicrowave and pour them into little metal moulds. The children learned to do it themselves too.)

Chocolate helped save my life when my auto -immune condition had caused my potassium levels to dip dangerously low. I was told my heart could have stopped beating. To this day I know it is a bad sign when I develop cramps. My dear neighbour had showed up with dried apricots one day when I had started to cramp badly. I am one of the few people to have chocolate recommended by a doctor.

So you see chocolate is an essential nutrient as far as I am concerned.

My chocolate consumption is strictly medicinal!.

We all need healthy exercise too of course!

3 John 1:2

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