I Knew A Music Journo

The amazing thing is I managed to shock him. You would think working with rock stars he would have seen everything! Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cindy Lauper

Melodymakers Treiler

It was great having cool flatmates who brought interesting people to the house. We had been exchanging Christmas cards till recently. Her husband runs a TV production company, He is a True Northerner.

They had a second chance at their relationship. They had lived together initially when my flatmate was much younger. I will never forget the letter from one of my other flatmates telling me she was “preggers!!”She is immortalised in the ‘Desk Collection.’ Anything can happen if you leave copies of playboy or Mayfair lying around. Even when they weren’t together she always spoke of him glowingly. She made me like him too. It was obvious she loved and trusted him.

My Jamaican flatmate has a famous cousin. The Jamaican Bob SleiighTeam

These days she tries to empower older women like me.

Our children decorated bags with her. She also used to share ownership of a gallery, ANY good art lessons I did at school are because of what she taught me, I would love to see her male nudes.

The best children’s art show on TV! Vision On – Gallery Theme Song She is a poster child for re-inventing yourself as a middle-aged woman. Her friend painted me a nude male for my birthday,

I love her arty friends! One of them was really into flamenco dancing. I have attended parties where almost everybody was flamenco dancing!

My mum taught me how to deal with unwelcome male nudity, Brandish a clothes peg. Another valuable lesson I was taught in my family.

“If you can’t beat “em join ’em”

Do unto others as they do unto you.

As I am scientific, I tested the speed of the bush telegraph. I used to love playing Chinese Whispers with my class. Always easy to tell when the message had been changed, Suddenly there were giggles and shocked looks!! (My superpower is I can turn any conversation dirty.) My biggest shock was realising that there was a character in Captain Pugwash called Seaman Staines, Several Play School presenters livened up the show for me with their innuendo.) My mum’s favourite was Brian Griffiths. The Australian presenter I remember was pretty blatant


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